A story :

GULF WAR. Southern California.

LEXUS SHOWROOM: Recession was hitting hard and they found fewer and fewer people walking through the door. Nearing closure they decided to try something different.

They drove the cars around to local polo clubs, country clubs and restaurants where they knew the rich would be frequenting.

They set up shop roadside and started to offer Test drives for Free for fun.

They played on the human psyche; we are often satisfied with what we have until something better comes along, this is how Apple has been so successful in the past selling us the latest iPhone.

Many took up the offer and happily drove around these new Lexus cars but then found it very difficult to then return back to their own ‘lesser’ cars.

Suffice to say that the Lexus showroom did better and sold MORE cars during the recession than they did ever Pre-War.

Jack Canfield (author of Chicken soup for the Soul) uses this example to show how powerful the RESPONSE can be to influence the OUTCOME.


Faced with the EVENT, Lexus went straight to the OUTCOME they desired and engineered the RESPONSE to make it happen.

This is such a powerful concept.

Once the EVENT has occurred at that moment it is equal to the OUTCOME… in the absence of an emotional RESPONSE.

Think about this for a moment.

An event without a response is just a neutral outcome…

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